Magical Glastonbury Retreat Weekend 15 - 17th June 2018

9 attended with Yellow Canary

What a lovely weekend our group had in Glastonbury. Everyone taking part was helping me to understand how spiritual pilgrims experience Glastonbury as a place of healing and transformation. We were lucky to have Pilgrims B&B all to ourselves which made for a lovely relaxing time. They have a lovely mediation chalet and I was able to use this for group meditation to connect everyone to the heart chakra energy of Glastonbury. I managed to take the group out to a number of places including the Tor, Abbey, Chalice Well, St Margaret's Chapel and Bride's Mound.  We had a fantastic atmospheric sunset on view from the Tor - a memorable evening indeed. I had some lovely feedback from those that attended:

"Many thanks Linda for a brilliant weekend and to all the participants for their lovely company. Glastonbury is a great place to visit and soak up the energies – it gave us much to see and experience."  Jane

"A magical weekend thanks Linda. I hope the photos prolong the memory. Back soon for us all I hope." David 

"Loved the experience and lovely group of people!" Karen

"Fabulous weekend and lovely group of people x " Tracy

"Everything was excellent! Thank you." Sonia