Sacred Sites and Earth Energies

There are special places on this earth where the spiritual realms truly seem to connect to the physical. These places really move and inspire us with their magic and beauty. Some of them such as Stonehenge have man made structures present others may be natural landscapes such as mountains, sacred groves or springs. Whatever the sacred site, people are often called to visit without consciously knowing why.  There maybe a yearning for inner transformation or a knowing that significant life changes need to be made. By connecting to the higher frequencies present at these sites a shift in consciousness can certainly occur.


At a true site....there is a touch of magic light. ... It can be understood intuitively, but not conveyed in words.        

                                                          Yeh T'ai Chinese Mountain Hermit


Theses sites are said to be situated on special energy lines or ley lines.  These geometric straight lines cover the earth and form a world grid of energy lines that connect ancient and sacred sites together. It is thought that ancient people intuitively sensed the line's spiritual energy in the landscape and built their monuments where the energy was at it strongest. Sacred sites have also experienced many years of ceremonial and spiritual activity which furthers adds magical energy to them



The earth has a natural magnetic field of a frequency of about 7.8 hertz. This is called the Schumann resonance. It is interesting to note that when we humans meditate and calm our minds our brains emit alph frequencies of between 7-9 hertz in line with the earth. When we are out in nature our wellbeing improves as we naturally realign ourselves to the heart beat of the earth - a naturally calm and peaceful state.