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What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing and divination. There is global evidence through archaeology and anthropology that shamanism has been practiced for at least 20,000-30,000 years and may go back to the beginning of the human race. The word shaman comes from the tungus tribe in Siberia and translates as 'one who sees in the dark'. Shamans are powerful healers who access altered states of consciousness and journey into non-ordinary reality where they can visit the lower, middle and upper worlds. (These are also known as the underworld, earth and sky. )There they meet beneficent spirit guides and allies who assist them in their healing and divination work.


Although in a lucid state the shaman can remember all that transpires during their journey and can bring back and share much beneficial information. In order to access non-ordinary reality, shamans use many techniques including drumming, rattle  shaking and dancing. Apart from healing and divination, shamans also assist souls to pass over and perform many ceremonies and rituals for their community.


How could a shamanic healing help me?


There are many reasons why you may seek the help of a shamanic practitioner. You may be struggling with depression or feeling blocked in your life and unable to move forwards. You may have destructive patterns which you keep repeating or have addictions of some kind. Many people have experienced a traumatic event from which they feel they have never fully healed.  Whatever the reason, shamanic healing can empower you to move forwards towards an inner peace and place of transformation.


What are the types of shamanic healing?


There are many different types of shamanic healing and my guides would inform me of which type you would need at any given time. Below is a list of some of the types of healing that I do.


Soul Retrieval


Whenever we experience a shock or trauma, shamans believe that a part of our soul fragments and becomes lost. This is a defence mechanism to protect us from fully experiencing the true pain of a situation.  A soul retrieval is a healing whereby a shaman finds that soul part in order to return and re-integrated it into an individual. Types of trauma or shock commonly experienced are divorce, accident, bereavement, rape, abuse or surgery. Common signs of soul loss are addictions such as overeating, drinking and gambling, suffering from depression and lack of energy, suicidal feelings and post traumatic stress disorder PTSD.




Extraction medicine is about removing harmful spiritual intrusions from the body or removing ancestral curses. Spiritual intrusions can be negative thought forms that have been directed towards us by other people or they can also be manifested by our own negative thinking and behaviour.


Past Life Healing


Sometimes issues and trauma from a past life are carried with us into this life. They can have a very powerful effect in our life and can cause things such as problematic relationships, unhealthy repeated patterns or unexplained stress and illness. This type of healing involves finding out about a specific past life, learning about the lessons involved and moving on to forgiveness and cutting the ties that bind.


Empowerment and Power Animal Retrieval


This healing would take place if someone is lacking in personal power and energy and involves making contact with a power animal who will bring guidance, wisdom and empowerment. Power animals will connect you to their powerful traits and characteristics i.e. deer will give you gentleness, kindness and compassion.




By far the most common form of possession is when a soul who is passing over fails to do so successfully and becomes partially attached to a living soul. This entity or “suffering soul” has entered into a living body and is seeking to get its needs and desires met by one still on the earth plane. This can lead to the person who is possessed experiencing a range of things from addictions to emotional disorders and physical illness. My guides will check for a possession and then take appropriate steps to gently guide this entity into the light.


Ancestor work


Our ancestors have brought us to where we are today but they may have had unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma which has been passed onto us. This can have an inhibiting and disruptive influence on our present day life. Negative patterns of behaviour are often passed down from generation to generation. Ancestral healing work acknowledges, honours and releases your ancestral line clearing any negative energy from you and allowing both your ancestors and descendants to benefit.


Soul Regeneration


This is a special type of shamanic healing which takes place over a longer period of time. To find out more about this, please click here


What happens during a shamanic healing session?


Before the session has taken place, I would journey to find out which type of healing you would need at this time to deal with your issue. My shamanic guides would give me information about this and I would communicate with you in advance so that you knew which healing you would be receiving. Upon visiting your home, I would firstly create a sacred space in which to work and use sage to smudge for protection. In order to do the healing, I would need to have some physical contact with you. This can be achieved  for example by sitting in a chair and allowing our hands or arms to touch. The healing takes place with drumming and the whole experience is very uplifting and relaxing. 


What might I experience after healing?


The most important thing is to give time and space to allow adjustment for the healing. Some people experience nothing at first and then notice some changes happening gradually. Others have a stronger reaction and experience significant change immediately. Allow for the fact that you may have fluctuating emotions and reflect on certain situations from your past.  


What support do you offer after the healing has taken place?


There is a feedback session  and support after the healing.  


How much does a shamanic healing session cost?


The cost for a shamanic healing session is £40.00. If you live outside the 10 mile radius of Basingstoke then I would do a distance healing. The cost for that would be the same.


How many sessions would I need?


Usually you would need just one session. There are however two sessions for a soul retrieval but the cost would still be £40.  




Native American Healing Prayer


Mother sing me a song

That will ease my pain

Mend broken bones

Bring wholeness again

Catch my babies

When they are born

Sing my death song

Teach me how to mourn


Show me the medicine

of the healing herbs

The value of spirit

The way I can serve


Mother heal my heart

So that I can see

the gifts of yours


That can live through me

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