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Yellow Canary finally flies.......

Today is a new moon in Aquarius and the beginning of the Chinese new year of the Monkey. An auspicious day for me to launch Yellow Canary to the world. New moons are all about new beginnings and being in the sign of Aquarius it is urging us to express our unique and original way of being. So instead of feeling down about not fitting in, its a time to be proud of our individuality and quirky side.

Yellow Canary has been a long time in its cage and now it is time that I actually let it out to fly. It is very scary to set up and work for yourself. I have wanted to do it for years but I kept getting in the way of myself. Personal insecurities, financial worries and of course universal timing have all lead to me procrastinating. It has taken me until today to realise that starting up a business is a journey in itself. You have to take small steps one at a time not rush headlong at a frantic pace towards the final destination. After all who knows what the final destination will be.

I am pleased that this year is the Chinese year of the Fire Monkey. It indicates that this is a good time to accomplish personal goals and to do something different. The monkey is a cheeky fast moving and unpredictable creature which should make the journey full of adventure and surprises.

To find out more about Yellow Canary spirtual walks and workshops in nature along with Shamanic and Reiki healing visit my web site


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