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Soul Regeneration

What is Soul regeneration?


The faeries are very powerful allies and guardians of the earth and they are here to help and guide mankind at this time. This healing is a new way of working with soul retrieval which sends part of your soul essence on holiday with the faeries.


This healing involves working with the “caretaker” part of your soul which stays put when things get difficult in your life and helps you to get through. Being constantly on duty, the caretaker can get very exhausted and run down and needs some care and attention itself.  In order for it to regenerate, it goes on a holiday with the faeries.  Before this soul part is taken away, a divine part of your soul essence, your Christ consciousness, will come into your everyday being and take care of you. This is a part of you, you have not been able to accept before. The caretaker part will eventually return from its holiday and from that time onwards the divine part of your soul essence and it will work together to take care of you.


The benefits of doing a soul regeneration are immense and you will feel fully alive for the first time in your life and be accepting of the many changes that will present themselves to you. The changes over time will amaze you and confuse you initially. This is because you are having to re-programme your way of being which we as humans do not find easy.


This healing can only be done on a contact basis and not by distance. It usually involves about 7-10 sessions which will take place over several months.If you would like to experience Soul Regeneration, I would first have to check with my guides that this is the right time for you to receive this healing. The healing is done on a donation basis when the healing sessions are complete.





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